sba-logoSBA has been helping solicitors, former solicitors and their families when they hit tough times since 1858. The charity has traditionally been associated with assisting solicitors’ widows or individuals whose careers have been curtailed by some sudden, serious adversity. Whilst this is still true, SBA is increasingly focused on solicitors of all ages who are coping with the escalating difficulties of life in the law. This now includes colleagues affected by restructuring, merger and cuts in legal aid.

SBA’s core activity is to provide tailored grants and interest-free loans (usually secured) to help create financial breathing space during times of crisis. It also offers funded access to bespoke personal insolvency advice. SBA’s latest support pathway for solicitors who qualify for financial assistance is the opportunity to join a three-month programme which offers holistic career, job-search and wellbeing support, all provided by a single professional consultancy.

The Association’s work is made possible through the generosity of individual solicitors, local law societies and firms of all shapes and sizes. As well as making voluntary donations, supporters can also pass on unclaimed client account balances against SBA’s indemnity to refund them in full, if and when they are reclaimed. The profession’s own charity is ideally placed to put these dormant sums to productive use, recycling them via loan support to colleagues in need.

All SBA services are subject to a confidential income assessment. To find out more, please visit the SBA website at or contact us in confidence at or on 020 8675 6440.

We will always try to help if we can.